How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds: 4 Methods Plus Expert Tips


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Although each of these cannabis seeds look different, they're all viable! - How to germinate marijuana seedsGenerally, pale-green or white seeds will not germinate, but most dark seeds will germinate when given good conditions.

I used to believe that marijuana seeds were only “good” if they were extremely hard and very dark. One of the first tests I heard to check new cannabis seeds for viability was to try to crush them between my fingers. If the seeds could be crushed, they weren’t good, or so I was told. This has proven to be absolutely terrible advice!

Some of the best plants I have ever grown have emerged from seeds which were flimsy and could be crushed between my fingers. As long as you provide great marijuana germination conditions. As long as you start with good genetics, Seemingly “weak” seeds can germinate and produce amazingly hardy plants with great buds.

NOTE: Most of the medical strains of marijuana we grow today have been bred over many years to produce plants that are easy to grow and which produce potent, medicinal buds. That’s good genetics. However, these strains have not been selected for the toughness of the seeds they produce since that isn’t important to us as growers.

If the seed germinates, it’s a good seed!

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